How to Scale a Pattern in Illustrator

Have you ever drawn a shape in Illustrator, filled it with a pattern, and then wondered how to resize it while not rescaling the shape? Scaling a pattern in Illustrator without affecting its parent object is easy.

Instructions for scaling a pattern

Let’s say you draw a shape, like a square or a rectangle. You then click on your swatches panel, and drag and drop a seamless pattern into it. Once you’ve applied the pattern, you realize you want it to be smaller or larger. One way to do this would be to resize the shape. An easier method is to simply resize the pattern itself. All you have to do to scale a pattern in Illustrator is:

  • Right-click on the object
  • Click Transform > Scale
  • In the dialogue box that pops-up, select Uniform
  • Next, uncheck all the boxes except Transform Patterns, and Preview
  • Change the percentage
  • Click Ok
Scale patterns in Illustrator
Rescaling a pattern in Illustrator


If you’d like to practice scaling a pattern, you can try it using this seamless pattern in our shop. And be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more inspiration!

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